Smooth Gallery

Falcon Shopfitters Reception

A view of the front desk at our office in Johannesburg.

Falcon Shopfitters Reception Falcon Shopfitters Reception

Falcon Shopfitters Factory

Our Factory never sleeps to produce one of a kind quality.

Falcon Shopfitters Factory Falcon Shopfitters Factory

Commercial Perfection

A meeting area fitted by Falcon.

Commercial Perfection Commercial Perfection

Retail Therapy

Falcon created a unique shopping experience for this Jo Malone store.

Retail Therapy Retail Therapy

Domestic Installation

Falcon were commissioned to fit this exclusive residential property.

Domestic Installation Domestic Installation
Welcome to Falcon Shopfitters

Falcon shop fitters SA (PTY)LTD is located east of Johannesburg, South Africa and operates through out the entire African continent and further-afield as and when required.

To ensure continuity of work and a diverse customer base falcon caters for the commercial, government, hospitality, residential and retail sectors. Falcon offers their clients services from, a unique bespoke furniture item to a complete turn key solution encompassing the various allied trades, including: electrical, ceilings, partitioning, shop fronts, flooring, glazing, steel work, paint techniques, wall paper, sandblasting, perspex, solid surfacing, marble and granite work.

Our in-house project managers co-ordinate the various trades and liaise with the professional team and the client to ensure out-standing quality with timeous delivery while our in-house quantity surveying team keeps the clients appraised of any cost variations and additions which may affect the final budget.

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